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2008-04-03 04:25:10 by TheBardOfBlasphemy

The Bard of Blasphemy was spawned and raised in the South Australian wilderness. His hermit-like existence is constantly, and rudely, interrupted by the demands of many masters. When in repose, The Bard is the author of psychedelic horror stories, mind-bent poetry, irreverent music, blasphemous cartoons and guttural vocals on death-metal projects. He is currently in the final stages of publishing a novella "The Book of I: Wretched Tales from the Damned".

You can check out his music in the Audio section of this profile. If the genre = heavy metal then that's a project he's added deathvox to. The other genres are him doing weird, retarded crap in front of a mic and calling it music.

More info about The Bard and his other works can be found at his personal website:


Revel in the blasphemy of life!

Welcome to Blasphemedia...