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it's lacking a coherent storyline... your mom (?) is adding commentary in the middle of a movie... the constant flicking/zooming/thing was doing my head in... did I mention it lacked much coherence?

the banana thing was mildly amusing.

I wanted to blam this but you clearly put A BIT of work into it. Blamming should really be saved for absolute turdsicles. Put a bit more work into storyline, less blurry images, and jokes and your scores will improve.

TimandTodd responds:

Thanks for the input, man! When we made this, we didn't know the first thing about making movies. Luckily, we don't mainly do this, but instead, we make 2d animations.

great job, man.

good twist at the end and funny throughout.

it's better than I could draw... but I was waiting for it to go somewhere and, uh, it didn't.

howbadaiuu responds:

If you are patient, the sloth will come

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this game is frikkin awesome... i shudder at the thought of how many more hours I have yet to spend trying to crack this thing.

ha... simple but great!

man, if NG wasn't blocked at school I would show this in my Biology class... it's very simple but has a LITTLE sci content and best of all it is fun and addictive.

bugs are bad, mmmkay?

when i clicked "instructions" it said "You lose"... or is that intentional? :P
when i clicked credits, it gave me the instructions... and page 2 told me "you win!"


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Yes, man! You nailed it. To think that there was a clean voice hiding within that sludge-filled septic tank.

the only thing more i wanted was some trippy fx layers to complement this stoner track.

makes me want to dig out the old lps. Haven't listened to this in a fair while.

good job man!

GoreBastard responds:

Haha thanks man!
Yeah I wish I put some keyboards on it. I recently bought a cool midi keyboard but couldn't really find and cool sounds to use.

Thanks for listening man, more to come soon!

fucking masterpiece

wow dev your vocals have come a loooong way

that was insane man... everything about it was pure darkness \m/

your clean vox remind me of devin townsend... that's no small feat

but your growls are just off the tap... i fucking loved them!!! your voice has developed a lot of diversity... it fuckn rules!!!

music was kickarse! keep us posted about the EP eh???

fucking awesome man

killer vox... who knew you had those in ya?!?!?!

I was totally surprised by the clean vox, they were pretty good, and your metal vox have come a long way.

great stuff!

Devastus responds:

Thanks man! The cleans are still underway, getting better at this every day (I'm already much better at them than I was when recording this :P). (whoa, a rhyme)

Be sure to be on the lookout for the next one, it's gonna be fucking violent!

Music is the new religion. Amen.

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